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Auto Insurance For Your Teenager

Teensurance™ from Safeco

As a parent, you’ll always worry about your teenager every time they take the car out with their friends. With Teensurance™ from Safeco, Creech Roddey Watson Insurance can help you worry a little less about your teenage driver this year.


Teensurance™ offers services and tools to help keep your teen safer on the road and promote safe, responsible driving.

And in South Carolina, Teensurance™ can save you up to 15% on your car insurance.


Teensurance™ Features:


  • Roadside Assistance is available for those situations teenagers don’t think about when they first start driving. Running out of gas, a dead battery, flat tire, locking the keys inside the car – it’s all covered 24 hours a day, even if they’re in a friend’s car.

  • GPS vehicle tracking provides you with the real-time location, direction and speed of your teenager’s car.

  • Arrival and departure notifications alert you when your teen arrives at their destination, so you know when they’re safely off the road (even when they forget to call you).

  • Alerts sent to your phone or computer when your teen is driving too fast, too far, or past their curfew


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